Sage inacct的CRM集成

Streamline business processes and eliminate manual re-entry of customer and order data with pre-configured integration between 圣人Intacct and your customer relationship management platform. Supported CRM systems include Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce.

IntegratorPlus传输关键数据 如客户, 客户地址, 库存, 定价, 销售订单和销售发票信息 between CRM and 圣人Intacct. This means updates in one system instantly update the other.

IntegratorPlus increases business insights by allowing you to access your data from anywhere, 随时使用个人电脑, 智能手机, 或平板电脑. Your teams get a single view of all your business information enabling them to make better informed and timelier decisions. LBMC技术解决方案 is uniquely positioned to assist you with your 圣人Intacct and CRM integration.


  • 消除再进入和维护 – of redundant customer information with automated two-way synchronization
  • 提高操作效率 – by entering and having available sales orders from either system
  • 提高销售和服务效率 - 360度查看您的客户



How to Integrate Data Between 圣人Intacct and Microsoft Dynamics CRM with an API

微软Dynamics CRM的IntegratorPlus

构建在Microsoft Azure平台上, this subscription-based cloud solution allows you to harness the power of two best-in-class software applications. IntegratorPlus传输关键数据, 如客户, 客户地址, 库存, 定价, 合同, 销售订单和销售发票信息.

This means that updates in one system will instantly update the other, increasing productivity and streamlining business processes.

微软Dynamics CRM的IntegratorPlus extends your cloud solutions by delivering preconfigured integrations between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and 圣人Intacct.


  • Eliminate manual entry of data in multiple systems and spre广告heets
  • Auto-update Microsoft Dynamics CRM with the latest billing and payment information from 圣人Intacct
  • Save time and money by streamlining processing, reporting, and transaction time
  • Dramatically improve collections and cash flow by providing your team with real-time financial information from within Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Easily verify pricing and submit sales orders while on the road. Orders submitted in Microsoft Dynamics CRM are automatically created in 圣人Intacct


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