Post-Acute Care Strategy

LBMC’s Post-Acute Care Consulting Team of experts assist with the coordination of care among ambulatory, acute 和 post-acute care (PAC) providers from an operational perspective. LBMC’s team provides services to post-acute care providers to help them effectively respond to strategic, regulatory 和 reimbursement challenges. We also partner with hospitals to develop post-acute care network strategies 和 focus on more coordinated less-costly continuum of care.

The LBMC Difference

The LBMC team of experts has served in various C-suite healthcare leadership roles. This expertise enables our LBMC experts to underst和 the major operational challenges of all healthcare post-acute providers, bringing practical expertise to improve operational performance 和 boost the bottom-line.


  1. As reimbursement challenges continue to rise amid the increasing financial constraints imposed by recurring cuts to Medicare 和 Medicaid, providers must develop new fiscally strong strategies to preserve 和 increase revenue. Regardless of the downward pressure on revenue, the patients need 和 must receive high quality care.
  2. Coordination of care among ambulatory, acute 和 post-acute care providers is critical. Effective strategies begin with managing care prior to an acute episode 和 collaborating with all providers 和 the patient throughout the continuum to ensure safe transition back into the community.
  3. LBMC’s Care Continuum Coordination model provides the framework for physicians, acute care hospitals 和 post-acute care providers to achieve the highest quality patient care.

Who could benefit from a post-acute care strategy opportunity?

  1. Medical care providers, including physicians 和 non-physician providers
  2. 医院
  3. Post-acute care providers, including long-term hospitals (LTCHs), inpatient rehabilitation facilities (IRFs), skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) 和 home health agencies

Advantages to working with LBMC on post-acute care strategy

  1. Better management of patients throughout the healthcare continuum
  2. Controlling costs under bundled payment 和 value-based payment models
  3. Improving patient quality
  4. Additional revenue streams
  5. Increased reimbursement

Physician Post-Acute Care Consulting 服务

  1. Identifying Physician Opportunities in Post- Acute Care
  2. 编码 和 Billing 教育
  3. Utilization of Non-Physician Providers
  4. 合规 Program Development 和 Implementation
  5. Revenue Cycle Management
  6. HIPAA 隐私 和 Security 审计s
  7. Practice 和 Billing Assessments
  8. Provider Enrollment 和 Credentialing
  9. Practice Management Consulting
  10. Electronic Medical Record Vendor Review, Selection, 和 Implementation

Hospital Post-Acute Care Consulting 服务

  1. Post-Acute Care Strategy Development
  2. Bundled Payment Program Evaluation
  3. Post-Acute Care Partner Evaluation
  4. Discharge Planning Analysis
  5. CJR Collaborator Agreement Review
  6. Episode-Based Post-Acute Care Contracts
  7. Cost Report Review 和 Preparation
  8. Co-management 和 JV Arrangement Development
  9. Income Guarantee Monthly Computation 服务
  10. Community Health 和 Physician Needs Assessments

Post-Acute Care Provider Consulting 服务

  1. Value-Based Purchasing Strategy Development
  2. Final Rule 和 IMPACT Act 合规
  3. SNFist Program Implementation
  4. Antibiotic Stewardship Program Development
  5. Hospital Readmission Protocol Implementation
  6. Quality Measures 和 5 Star Rating Improvement
  7. Revenue Cycle Management
  8. Cost Report Review 和 Preparation
  9. Creation of Community Specific Care Management Programs
  10. HIPAA 合规/HIM/IT Security
  11. LTPAC Software Selection, Implementation 和 Management

Post Acute Leadership

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